1. It's a live show?

    * Yes. It's a dinner's show with lots of music from the 50's and 60's and real peeps on stage--most people's understand this.

2. There's lasagna?

    * Yes. How could it be a dinner show without's dinner? Jeez. .

3. It's a talent show?

    * Yes. Actors, Singers, Musicians, Comedians--you never heard of any of 'em.

4. What do I wear?

    * Uncle Eddy's devotees wear's red. Hey's it's Christmas in Brooklyn's--even's the pickpockets and muggers wear's red.

5.  When do we eat?

     * At intermission--that way's we know's youse stay's for at least half the show.

6.  Are there snacks?

     * No--have a big lunch.

7.  I'm a vegitarian.

     * There's meatless lasagna for youse sissies.

8. Where is it?

     * Norman P Murray Community Center Mission Viejo

9. Is there reserved seating?

     *Parties of 8 or more's get their own reserved table. The rest of youse get there's early or youse sit in the back. Capiche?

10.  When does the show start?

     * 6:00 pm Evenings. Twilight Matinees at 3:00.

11.  What time do the doors open?

     * 4:00 pm Evenings. 2:00 Twilight Matinees. I already told's youse to get there early or sit in the back with Uncle Eddy's paisans.

12.  Is there a bar?

     * Whatsamattayouse? Cheap Italian Wine (red & white--probably), Sparkling Water, & Soft Drinks. All proceeds go to CHOC.

13.  Can I bring my own wine?

     * Yes--bring an opener. Tip the wine bar cheapskates.  

 14.  Are there refunds?

      *The IRS gives refunds. Uncle Eddy doesn't pay taxes or give refunds but youse can give's youse ticket to someone's else.

 15.  Does it help if I know Uncle Eddy?

      * You bet. Mention it at the door and the ushers will show you out.

 16.  Who do I contact with more questions?

      * if you liked the show.

      * if youse didn't.

      * if youse insulted.

      * breadsticks@olivesgarden if youse food was cold.